our jobs do not define us.

What do you do?

When you meet someone, quite often the first question out of their mouth is, “What do you do?” aka “What’s your job?”.

I do a lot of things other than my job but somehow our careers have come to define us. Why is this the case?

I do not mind being defined by my job but I actually wear multiple labels other than my job: mom to an adopted chihuahua, food fanatic, fashion maven, and more.

But it’s our job that seems to be how people gauge who you are as a person.

What if you’re like me? I work in marketing during the week. However, at night, I’m studying to be a mortician and on weekends, I work in a funeral home. Try saying that ten times fast!

Someone actually said to me after I said I worked in marketing (and couldn’t finish the rest), “You look like you’re in marketing. I had guessed that.” When I asked him why, he couldn’t explain it. Yet, he didn’t bother to realize I do all these other fascinating things.

Instead of asking people, “What do you do?” – how about asking, “What do you enjoy?”  People enjoy talking about positive things they enjoy, you’ll see them smile as they talk about it, and to me, you truly get to know them. Let’s try and make an effort to not pigeonhole people into their jobs.

So, what do you enjoy? 

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