the common cold

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Sadly, I have to admit, I had to stop doing the Minimalism Challenge due to getting very ill with the common cold.

When you’re sick, you just have to sometimes admit defeat and go to the doctor’s then truly minimize your life to the necessities:

  • Put your feet up and rest. This was very hard for me as I tend to enjoy working and keeping busy. By being sick, I had to just stop and take care myself to let my body heal.
  • Drink lots of tea and water. 
  • Take just the pills you need. Don’t ever over do it with medicine because you’re putting a real strain on your liver and body by doing so. You do not want to know the side effects of overdosing on those pills.

I hope to finish the Minimalism Game soon. Maybe next month? We’ll see… But I definitely got rid of a lot of “stuff” and by going through my home, I realized I still have quite a journey ahead of me.

How are you all doing?

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