cleaning out my closet


I do not have a closet. I do not have even a walk in closet. I have a whole master bedroom dedicated to being a closet.  That is just too much stuff.

The Plan
The best tip I have heard is to turn all the hangers in the opposite direction.

Then only turn them back around when the item has been worn.

After a year, there are so many items that have never been worn.

Donate, Sell, or Throw Out? 

  • If the clothing is stained or ruined: Garbage.  If it can be easily fixed or mended, then possibly Donate.
  • If the clothing no longer fits: Donate or Sell.  There may be clothing that we’re hoping to wear once we’ve lost some weight. However, I recommend keeping only the necessities but otherwise, donate or sell them.
  • Duplicates of certain pieces: Unless it’s something worn often throughout the week, I recommend to Donate or Sell.
  • If the item is uncomfortable: Donate or Sell.  I admit it, I have a lot of cute pieces (especially high heeled shoes) that I never wear because they are just so uncomfortable. At that point, what’s their purpose?

Where Do I Sell My Clothes?
I use the PoshMark app.
They calculate shipping and send a shipping label when something sells, which is so much easier than other platforms. They do take a percentage of the sale.

After a month or two, if the item doesn’t sell, I’ll maybe drop the price or put it into my donation bin. I keep a donation bin in the room that gets dropped off about every 3 months.

I’ll keep everyone updated on the progress.  If you have any suggestions on purging your clothes, add it in the comments!

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