purging social media

My first goal of this year was to remove social media accounts that did not add any joy or value to my daily life.

First step: I deleted my Twitter and SnapChat. 
I saved Facebook because I keep in touch with my family in Hong Kong and most of my friends on that platform. Also, I kept Instagram because I find myself really enjoying the posts, stories, and updates of those I choose to follow.

Second step: Remove accounts of people you just don’t like. 
Sorry, this was where it was a bit more harsh but some people think they’re posting positive, motivational messages. But in reality, they’re actually forcing their biased opinions on you and don’t even realize they’re selling you garbage you do not need to hear. Also, honestly, some people I just no longer wanted to be friends with because of how toxic I knew they were.

Think about it: What social media platforms could you live without? What’s not adding value to your life but instead are wasting your time?

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